Heaven Sent: The Heather Miller Story


Cancer attacked her body but itcouldn’t take her smile or her love of life. That smile melted hearts and captivated people all over the country during Heather Miller’s 16-month battle against cancer. It opened the door to unique friendships with some of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and it inspired anyone who came in contact with Heather after she started fighting cancer at the age of 10. That smile is Heather’s legacy, and there is lesson behind it, most notably to remember what is important in life.


This is a story of heartbreak and hope, of desperation and inspiration. It is the story about a little girl armed with the mantra Fully Rely On God and what she taught adults about the meaning of true courage and life. It is also about a family’s struggle to come to terms with monumental loss and how the meaning of Heather ultimately helps them cope and persevere. Heather’s journey is an unforgettable one, and it is something that will stay with readers long after they have finished the final page.


The cost of the book is $10.00 + $0.60 tax for a total of $10.60.  In addition, the book is available with 2 different mailing options: 2-3 day priority mail for $5.30 shipping or media mail for $2.47 shipping with 2-3 week delivery time.  Please choose the correct option for your needs.



*** Proceeds go to children and their families battling cancer. ***


Heaven Sent: The Heather Miller Stor
with 2-3 week media mail delivery
$10.00 + .60 (tax) + 2.47 (shipping) = 13.07
Heaven Sent: The Heather Miller Story
with 2-3 day priority mail
$10.00 + .60 (tax) + 5.30 (shipping) = 15.90
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